Michel Delvaulx


Walloon Brabant

Maker Next Door is happy to introduce you Michel Delvaulx, an original sculptor from Walloon Brabant.


MND :  Where does your taste for art come from ? 

MD : I’m born in it ! I did artistic studies in Brussels and in Switzerland at Lausanne.

MND :  Where did you find your inspiration for this game ? 

MD : People are too much in front of screens with their television, computer, phone. My goal is to bring people together in order to have a good time.

MND :  How did you establish the rules of this game ? 

MD : It had to be as easy as possible, nobody has to beat another, everybody must go in the same direction and take pleasure playing this game with family or friends.

MND :  The engraving, that’s what makes your games unique ? 

MD : By engraving my pieces, I wanted to create something design, that we could hang on a wall and never been twice exactly the same.


The team Maker Next Door had a good time while playing with Michel Delvaulx and discovering that new game, Milow.

Michel is a maker from Walloon Brabant and he inspired from the game “les dames chinoises” to create one wis his own rules and also his personal touch and an amazing design.. Thanks to the engravings !
It can be quirky or symmetric, with lignes or  tears, even with numbers and birds and so on.His personal touch and an amazing design thanks to the engravings !

It’s not only a funny en familiy game, it can also be a real unique piece of art.
A real game that can be played with al the generations and also a beautiful decoration for at home.

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