Louise Kopij



Maker Next Door is pleased to introduce Louise Kopij, a creator in love with beautiful materials.


MND :  Louise, can you explain your background in a few words ?

LK :  My name is Louise Kopij, I come from Liège and I am a self-taught person. I studied fashion design at Francisco Ferrer, it’s there that I realized my taste for fashion. These studies helped me develop my creativity and increased my desire to innovate.

MND : Where do you get your inspiration ?

LK : I love beautiful materials such as gold, feathers… All these elements inspire me daily as well as the customer, I like to create to satisfy their desires.

MND :  What are the materials you use mainly for your creations ?

LK : Gold leaf, natural Belgian farmed feathers and porcupine spikes from local farms. But also all metal elements made by hand, like Gold Filled which is a gold plated metal and super strong.

MND : What makes you different from other jewelry brands ?

LK : First of all, all the components of our jewelry are created by hand. The materials used are durable and of superior quality to guarantee a precious and rare jewel. Moreover, we respect the animals by working mainly with well treated bird feathers and finally, our packaging is
recyclable and eco-responsible.


Emmanuelle had the great pleasure of meeting Louise, who told her her story. Louise started
making clothes at the age of 13. She studied fashion design in Brussels, which allowed her to
open up to creativity. After having done different trainings in the art world, this audacious
creator launched herself in the design of jewels. It is in this environment that she can be the
most imaginative.

Louise composes her jewelry with respect for the environment and animals. Moreover, the
packaging of its creations is ecological. Her high-end costume jewelry is made of various precious metals and has already crossed borders.

If Louise Kopij has already seduced celebrities such as Selah Sue, BJ Scott, Camélia Jordana
and many others… she will undoubtedly seduce you too !

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