Maker Next Door is happy to introduce you La Frénésie d’Aurélie, a crazy creator from Brussels.


MND :  Always kept silent wanted to work in the fashion? 

LFDA : At first I studied mathematics and I’ve a diploma of business, then I completely changed to start in fashion.

MND :  Why did you begin making creations of jewels handbags and accessories?

LFDA : Thanks to a lot of journeys in diverse country, I realized that my truth passion was creating.

MND :  I’ve seen that you have an original companion at work ..

LFDA : Yes, it’s Charlie, my dog who’s now the mascot, he accompanies us to the shop and moreover, the bow tie fits him very well !


The team Maker Next Door discovered La Frénésie d’Aurélie, an attractive shop at the heart of Châtelain in Brussels. She opened it a few months ago.

Further to a change in her life, Aurelie passed of an economic career to her own small business as craftsman.

Existing on the social networks for 3 years, this young creator decided to open her charming shop. She proposes you as well bow ties, cufflinks, pouches of suits, as cards holders for you guys. She offers so many pleasures for you ladies, by making you handbags, jewels and accessories, Aurélie will always propose you original and trends stuff!

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