Maker Next Door is pleased to introduce Joëlle Van de Voorde, a unique talented designer.


MND : Were you always interested in the artistic world ?

JVDV : I studied the monumental sculpture to the Royal Academy of Arts but I always made jewels. Girl, I made jewels for my dolls, my friends. In time, pearls changed and my passion stayed, it has never left me.

MND : Where do you find your inspiration ?

JVDV : I pull my inspiration of the materials, I like materials, their forms, their colors. I also pay a lot of attention on their origins, their symbolism. A jewel is an invitation of the journey.

MND : What urges you to always innovate ?

JVDV : I live this passion on a daily basis, all that I see inspires me. I want all the time to create.


It was in 1999 that Joelle created her own brand beautifully labelled “ET LE BIJOU CREA LA FEMME”.

Two years later, she had opened her showroom in Brussels and had started to export her collections around the world. Many celebrities have already been attracted by her collection, from the actress Viola Davis to Her Majesty Queen Mathilde.

Her collections propose timeless pieces, original creations with subtle mixtures of colors and a daring combination of materials. In perpetual innovation, her brand has acquired over the years a unique and recognizable style

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