Gaetan Valentini

Young Woodworker

Walloon Brabant

Maker Next Door is happy to introduce you Gaetan Valentini, a young woodworker from Walloon Brabant.


MND :  Since when do you work with wood ? 

GV :  I began to work with it since I’m 14th years old. I always appreciated to play with wood.

MND :  When did you decide to start creating ? 

GV : In January 2018 I decided to share my passion and from mai of the same year I want to live thanks to it.

MND :  Why did you choose interior design ? 

GV : Thanks to my partner. She asked me in the past to realize a creation, it was my first one. In fact, she opened her own fashion and decoration store with her sister. That’s how everything began.

MND :  Do you have a hobby during your spare time  ? 

I love rugby but I had to stop. My real passion is my job.


The Team Maker Next Door had the great pleasure to meet Gaetan Valentini, a young woodworker from Walloon Brabant.

Since he’s young, he appreciates working with all kind of wood and it’s while he’s walking in the forest in the region that he finds his inspiration. He decided to share his original, unique and qualitative creations.

At the same time creative and innovative, Gaetan never stops inventing new decorative accessories. We love the practical and trend part of his creations.

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