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MND : Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

JR : Julie – 30 years old – from Brussels – recently emigrated to La Hulpe – in love – very creative – joyful – anxious (but I’m discovering the letting go) – cautious adventuress – hypersensitive (for better or for worse) – preference for small paths rather than big motorways (figuratively and literally).

MND : Can you explain your background ?

JR : After a year of psychology, a baccalaureate in law, a baccalaureate as a primary school teacher, 4 years as a primary school teacher, I gave up everything to finally allow myself to be who I am. After I stopped working, I started creating earrings again (a hobby I’ve been doing since I was in primary school) while preparing a project of extracurricular activities for children. Naturally, the creative work took precedence over the other project. From a Christmas market in a primary school, I moved on to designer markets and, a few months later, to one and then several shops. Today, I only deal with “Comme une plume”. The creations are available online, in 7 shops and on many markets. And I’m having a lot of fun!

MND : What made you want to start creating ?

JR : I’ve been creating since I was little. Making jewellery is my bubble. In fact everything I can do with my hands refocuses me and gives me resources (carpentry, cooking (except when I have to go fast :p), painting, drawing, etc). I love the freedom in my entrepreneurial project. I’m alone in the boat and that allows me to do things as I see fit. I also love the variety of tasks to undertake.

MND : Where do you find your inspiration ?

JR : No idea! The first thing that attracts me is the colours! I love flowers, painting, nature; for their colours! Secondly, I love to quibble. The beadwork has always been a cavern of ali baba for me! I buy what I like in itself without any creative project behind it and then I quibble with what I have and it creates new models each time.

MND : What is your hobby on the side ?

JR : I have several! I love travelling, I love nature and animals. I like reading. I do painting, drawing, floral art but nothing on a regular basis. I hate routine!


Discover all of Julie’s creations on : !

Her jewels are also in several boutiques: Le Manneke, Ben Artside, Lupinette Concept Store and Numéro deux in “permanent”, CréaPop and l’Empreinte belge in ephemeral. 

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