Ben Artside



Maker Next Door is pleased to introduce Ben Artside, a unique and in vogue designer.


MND :  Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

BA :  My name is Benjamin, I am from the West Indies (Guadeloupe).
I arrived in Belgium 10 years ago and I became a self-taught designer.

MND :  Can you explain your background ?

BA : I was laid off following a reconstruction in a telecommunications company.  So I had a lot of time to satisfy my passion for decoration. I went to Pinterest one day and stumbled across an origami lamp, that’s when I became interested in this Japanese art. A few months later, I launched myself and presented my creations at the Vintage Market at Halle Saint-Gery. Since that time I have not stopped, I have multiplied the designer markets and points of sale until I have the opportunity to have a creative and exhibition space.

MND :  What made you want to start creating ?

BA : It was my passion for interior design that made me want to get started.

MND : Where do you find your inspiration ?

BA : My inspiration comes from Paul Jackson, a musician. But I also maintain that we must think about recycling following our over-consumption.


Benjamin has been working on his passion for 4 years now. Since March 1st he opened a showroom which also serves as a workshop in Saint-Gilles (Rue de Rome 3c). To create his lamps Benjamin uses Paper Factory paper (FSC paper), his fabrics come from different seamstresses or his favorites. The wooden feet come from construction sites in Brussels which are then worked by the Nos Pilifs Farm. 
His origami frames are creations made from plans of the Brussels metro.

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