The sweetness of alpaca

The new trend

Maker Next Door shows you the BellePaga brand, THE new trend !


MND :  Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

BP : My name is Guillaume, I founded the BellePaga Brand 4 years ago with my friend Arnaud. I met Arnaud during our studies in Louvain-La-Neuve, he is Belgian and grew up in Bolivia, so he was close to alpacas from an early age. He made me discover this magnificent material which perfectly answered all the frustrations concerning wool.

MND : What motivated you to launch your brand ? 

BP : We wanted to introduce this “wool of the gods”, with its exceptional virtues; under a multitude of cool variations of clothing and accessories that are of very high quality and ethical. They provide unparalleled softness and comfort to those who wear them.

MND : What do you use as inspiration for your creations ?

BP : We target people who are in urban areas and looking for authenticity, softness, and quality. We want to offer them basic, elegant and timeless products. We are inspired by what we see here, but also in Scandinavian collections that are in the same mood.

MND : Where do the raw materials come from ?

BP : Exclusively from Peru, and alpacas that live in their natural environment more than 4000m high without any fences. The production is local, ethical and respectful of the animal and the environment.


BellePaga is a comfortable and elegant brand that listens to the frustrations generated by the quality of synthetic fibres or traditional wools (itchy, pilling wool). BellePaga makes it possible to reconcile many people with clothes and accessories!

Discover BellePaga items in their showroom in Wavre, soft and unique clothes and accessories. Durable, super trendy and quality articles with hypoallergenic properties.

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