Anaïs Chapel


Walloon Brabant

Maker Next Door is pleased to introduce Anaïs Chapel, a creator of taste and skill.


MND :  Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

AC : My name is Anaïs, I come from Walloon Brabant. I define myself as a creative and curious person. I studied interior design at Saint Luc ESA where I was able to develop my sensitivity for colours and materials. Also, it is since my childhood and my family environment in which I grew up, that I have been passionate about beautiful things and meticulous work. Indeed, I come from a family of artists. My mother is a painter, my grandmother was a stylist and my great-grandfather worked in the gesso.

MND :  Can you explain your background ?

AC : After my studies in Saint Luc and ten years working as an interior designer, I wanted to take a break to devote myself to the craft creation of jewellery. As a child, I already made and sold pearl necklaces with my sister. It is a return to the roots that I have been rediscovering since November 2017 in which I fully develop.

In Saint-Luc, I was already working on the concept of recycling in design. I wanted to give meaning to my creations by using recycled leather. Moreover, they have so many beautiful stories to tell.

MND :  What made you want to start creating ?

AC : Since my childhood, I have been immersed in an artistic environment, thanks to my family environment. For me, creating is my way of working, my driving force to move forward in life, otherwise life seems very bland.

MND : Where do the raw materials come from ?

AC : The leather I recycle comes from second-hand clothing stores, flea markets,… they can come from a piece of a luxury bag, like a motorcyclist jacket. The jewellery I create is therefore unique. I also work in gold and silver to obtain quality jewellery.


It is since November 2017 that Anaïs has developed its workshop and its brand Inépéparables has been created. Inseparables term is based on the fact that birds of this genus generally remain in extremely close pairs. For example, according to beliefs, if one of the birds dies, the other lets itself die.

You will be able to discover Anaïs’ creations in various boutiques in Wallon Brabant, Namur, Brussels and La Louvière.

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